November 6, 2015

DIY Rustic Storage Boxes

Ah.  Stuff.

We have a full house and with people and pets comes stuff.

I’m pretty anti-stuff.  I don’t like clutter or knick-knacks.  I don’t collect things. I prefer clear, uncluttered spaces.  Prefer.  That doesn’t mean it happens, but that’s what I like.  However, disliking stuff doesn’t mean you don’t have stuff to deal with and since you have to have stuff anyhow, why not stick it some place cute.

This idea is from the Idea Room, but once I got the general gist of how to build these things, I kind of abandoned her plans and dimensions and just got on with it myself. You can easily adapt these boxes to whatever size wood you have on hand and whatever size boxes you need.  I used 1×4 pine boards


My best advice is to cut the bottom and end pieces first, nail them together and then measure the overall length of your sides so things are exact.

After hammering the boxes together with my nail gun (so fun, but a little scary) I sanded any rough edges with a sanding block, wiped them clean and then began the staining process.

So, I like Danish Oil

It’s not very noxious, rubs on easily without a ton of mess and only lightly covers the wood, allowing the grain of the wood to show through.

Unfinished and one coat.

My smaller first box has been assigned to practical duty in the kitchen.  This box is about 20 inches long and now holds all of our quick grab kitchen items.

The larger box has been assigned to less practical duty in the bedroom.  It’s 25 inches long.

That candle is “cashmere sweater” by 1820 House.  Missy makes amazing candles.  Lucky for me, she’s local and I can pop for a new candle and conversation whenever I run out.  Lucky for you, she ships.  My favorite scents are Cashmere Sweater and Winesap Apple.  The Princess loves London Lemon Cake.

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