November 5, 2015

Framed Fingerprint Trees

Once upon a time, Big Daddy and I were pretty broke. Christmas would spring up on us and there’d be a panic while we tried to find affordable gifts for our extensive gift list.  One particularly lean year, I framed pictures of the Princess taken at my parents place Up North and cross stitched them a picture.  It wasn’t inexpensive in time, but it was in materials.

Over the years, I’ve given home made gifts from time to time.  Scarves. Scrapbooks and other trinkets.  Thankfully, our Christmas budget isn’t so terrifying anymore.  Big Daddy has gotten a few raises since 1999 and our gift list has shrunk over the years.

When I initially decided to make these adorable trees, they were solely for myself. I loved the idea of incorporating a small part of the girls into our decor, but with the list of supplies being so small and inexpensive, I realized this could be a lovely gift for special people in your children’s lives.



  • Stamp pad in your choice of colors.  Mine was 5.99 at Joann’s for a five color stamp pad
  • Cardstock in your choice of color (we had cream on hand, but it can be had for less than $1 a sheet at your local craft store) cut to size (5×7(
  • Printable tree image.  I used this one, but edited out the poem in Photoshop and edited in the girls names.  I liked it because it was what I was looking for, stylistically, and I loved the birds. The font I used is Milasian Circa, free from
  • Picture frame. I hate the devil, but Walmart has the best prices on basic frames with mats.  I used frames I had at the house, but a 8×10 frame matted down to a 5×7 picture runs about $5 at Walmart.

The funny thing about this craft is that Littlebit and Baby Bee rolled up their sleeves and went right to it.  The Princess took her time.  With younger children, you’ll definitely have to help with inking and finger placement, but for older children, they really can be an expression.

The result is actually very pretty.

This is one of those fantastic crafts that are inexpensive to put together, easy to find materials for AND don’t take you days and days and weeks and weeks.  Give them away or keep them for yourself.

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    I love these!!! I am not very crafty but these look simple enough that even I could do it. I love giving baked goods as Christmas gifts in really nice packing…it just seems more personal and heartfelt.

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      These don’t require much craftiness, just the ability to use a printer and go to the craft store. I was really pleased how they turned out!

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