December 1, 2015

December Daily-Let’s Talk Sugerplum Fairies Again

A few years ago, I posted about one of my favorite, and least expensive, holiday decorations. It’s kind of become a bit of a staple. In reality, they’re ballerina’s with paper snowflakes for tutus, but I’ve always referred to them as sugarplum fairies because I guess that’s what they look like in my head.

My previous post talked about a Russian language blog where you could get the beautiful templates for the fairies, but that blog as closed down and I was in need.  I actually managed to go out and find a web archive of that blog and found that she’d just used clip-art of the ballerinas to make her fairies!  I was so happy!  I googled ballerina silhouette clipart and was immediately rewarded with the three silhouettes I needed to recreate my fairies!

Two of the ballerina silhouettes I like to use are found at Clipart Panda and the last is found at Free Images.  Free images will ask you to register.  I won’t tell you what to do.  I will tell you that I copied and pasted the clip art into a word document and re-sized them to be 6.25 inches at their largest measurement (height).

It really is an easy, fun do-together that will give you a beautiful result. Big Daddy’s favorite? It’s cheap.  Big Daddy’s least favorite?  He’s eye height on the fairies and bulbs and spends the Christmas season looking at them instead of me.

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