January 11, 2016

Snow, finally–and the menu plan

I write my blog posts in advance. I’m sure you know that and I’m sure most bloggers do it. It’s easier to plan and write things in advance. Typically, I write posts bout a week ahead of time, but my menu plan posts usually wait until Saturday or Sunday.

It’s finally snowing in Ohio. We’ve had a little bit of snow a time or two, but it seems like we may finally get some winter. Big Daddy and I are very opposite in regards to seasons. Big Daddy can’t wait to get outside and let the sun cook him and that’s when I tend to hide in the shadows. Not only do I sunburn easily, but I dehydrate quickly and too much time in the sun can make me not feel well. Big Daddy could skip winter all together, but I need that cold cleansing that comes in January and February. I need the yard to be covered over with snow. I need the trees to be bare and stark against the sky. I need the seasons and the wet, green winter we’ve been having so far just isn’t doing it for me.


After the New Year, a new cousin-t0-be posted something that resonated with me.  She rides horses and the quote she posted was related to training and riding horses, but the message spoke to me and it was about enjoying the journey.  I’m really bad at that.  I’m impatient.  Genetically impatient. I didn’t pick a word for this year.  I debated and opted not to, but maybe I need a concept instead and enjoying the journey sounds like just the right one.  Thanks, L, for the much needed clarity.


Monday Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies

Tuesday  One Pot Mexican Rice

Wednesday Crock Pot Minestrone

Thursday  Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy

Friday  Baby Bee’s choice

Saturday  Bubble Up Pizza


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    I and my wife enjoy snow very much, and I totally agree that it really doesn’t feel like winter until it snows.

    White is for winter and green for spring!

    Thanks for the inspiration, keep on writing for us.

    Kind regards,

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