August 10, 2016

Great Things to Sew: Classic Panties from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop

I bought a serger on Prime Day, too. Prime Day was good to me this year. My interest in sewing clothing has been piqued this year and I’m looking forward to turning out more professional looking clothing items and the serger is a part of that process.

I decided to be brutal while sorting my fabric this summer. While I had acquired some fabric as the years passed, a large majority of my fabric had been acquired years and years ago and, frankly, the girls had aged out of a lot of it. I tried selling it, but when the vast majority stayed un-sold, I knew I needed to find projects to try and use it up. I’m kind of practical with my crafting in that I don’t like to make something just to use up a supply. I want what I make to be useful and practical.  Of course I could make throw away items we won’t use or wear and then donate them or something, but that doesn’t really fit my M.O.  I like seeing things I made getting used and enjoyed, but what you do with yards and yards of outdated and outgrown fabric?

Undies, ladies and gentlemen.  You can make undies. Lots and lots and lots of undies and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing using Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop’s classic panties pattern.   At first, I sewed these on my traditional machine and if all you have is a traditional machine, you’ll have no problem.


However, now that I’ve moved on to making these mostly with my serger, I can go from this…


to this….

in just about 90 minutes.  For those of you keeping track, that’s LESS time than it would take me to wash and dry a load of clothes to clean our undies. Baby Bee and Littlebit both love these.  Baby Bee says they’re comfy and precious and she won’t ever poop in them.  Which is comforting because I don’t deal with poop in undies.  I throw the undies away.  Big Daddy tries to save them, but there’s some things that are worth spending money on and that is one of them.

Anyhow, how to the pattern.  It’s very easy to follow and features sizes from 12m to 10/12.  I had to add a little bit to the rise of Littlebit’s undies because she’s got some junk in her trunk.  Of course, that’s the beauty of making your own clothes; you can add and subtract where you need to.  I do like that the cuts you have to make for the waist band and leg bands are included on the main pattern piece so I don’t have to continually hunt down another piece of paper.  The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I think they turn out looking adorable.  Also, it’s great practice on learning how to apply a band to a knit item as the technique used on these undies are exactly the technique you use on t-shirts.   Thanks to this pattern, I won’t be buying undies for the little girls before school this year. I’m making them.

Is that a super hippie thing to do?  If so, who cares.

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