September 19, 2016

About that Forty before 40

A friend asked me about my Forty before 40 list the other day. The truth is, I didn’t finish it. I actually didn’t even come close. In looking at the list, it was far too ambitious for the 28 months I actually had to complete it in. I was being an optimist, I guess, but the travel alone was just…well, it was too much. Eight of my 40 points related directly to travel and while I DID manage to visit SEVEN new states and I DID stay at a swanky hotel downtown Chicago, the camping, Great Lakes, Battery, Ravenel Bridge and Ocean Front vacation didn’t come to fruit. Why? In reality there wasn’t a way I was going to make that much expensive travel work in that time frame.

But, I was looking over the list today and had been thinking of it over the last few weeks.  The thing is, I still want to do all those things and while attaining them all in 28 months might have been way too ambitious, they’re still things that I want on my life to-do list.  There’s nothing on that list I would change.  Well, that’s not true.  Surprise #1 was going to be a trip to California for the girls next summer.  That’s happening, but it’s not a surprise.  Surprise #2 related to a now defunct plan for Big Daddy and I to renew our wedding vows for our anniversary.  I still like the idea, so I’m going to keep it in my pocket.  Surprise#3 will still come to fruit, but it’s staying a surprise, in totality, for now.

I would have liked to accomplished more of my list (I only managed to mark off).  I’m competitive like that, but while I fell short, I like the clarity the list has provided me and I intend to finish it.  My current volunteering schedule should put me well over the 100 hour mark this year.  I have to wait to donate blood because I actually DID get a tattoo, but I will still do it (and I can do it with the Princess because she’s a blood donor now). Overall, I like that the list gave me clarity, some framework for the person I want to be in my 40s.  I feel like I like that person and still want to evolve into her.  And who knows what I’ll cook up for my 50 before 50.

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