September 12, 2016

This Girl


She sings all the time.


It drives Baby Bee batty, but she’s just that happy. She wakes up in the morning, bright eyed and happy and she sings. I think it bothers the Princess when I say that Littlebit was never really terrible when she was a toddler. It’s just true. She was always busy and happy and fearless. The fearless thing was a little bit of a problem, because she had a tendency to just do whatever and you’d be running behind her. She’d decide a slide at the park was boring and literally walk off it. It was terrifying and slightly exhausting.


She didn’t sleep through the night until she was four.  She didn’t talk until she was three.  But once she figured things out there was no stopping her.  She still has trouble saying her “r” sound, but her Speech Therapist will tell us, with a smile, that he almost doesn’t want her to say it.  That missing “r” is part of her personality to him.  In fact, she used to sound British.


She worked hard in preschool and overcame a lot of difficulties.  It’s left her a hard worker, which is an invaluable skill.  She’s used to a little bit of struggle.  I think that will make her more successful than people for whom everything has come easy.  She understands the reward of finishing a job that was hard won. 


She loves to read.  She loves to watch crappy mine craft videos on Youtube.  She is friendly and helpful and patient.  Grown ups LOVE her.  She is affectionate and kind.  She is routinely called “the happiest person I’ve ever met” and that’s true.  She’s that happy.  She doesn’t know a stranger.  For a while I worried about her future.  I worried if ATNR would cause her dyslexia or other problems during the course of her education.  It has not.  For the most, I don’t worry about her future anymore.  I think she will find something she loves and apply herself to doing it with great passion and joy.

I do worry about her heart a little.  I worry that she’s going to love more than she’s love back.  I worry that she’s going to wear her heart on her sleeve and end up with it broken more than her fair share and I hope that doesn’t change her.   She’s such a great kid.


Happy two handfuls, Littlebit.


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