October 3, 2016


A few years ago, two if I remember it correctly, I made a post about Big Daddy leaving his long time job. At the time that I wrote it, his leaving was all but assured. He had an offer. He had tendered his resignation, but even with those assurances, life had other plans, and he didn’t leave his long time company. He did, however, change jobs and for a while, he had more peace and satisfaction.

About a year ago, that changed. The hours were slowly getting longer. His frustration and stress was growing. He was becoming less satisfied and we were back into a pattern of him wanting to make big changes. Big changes are hard for me. I’m a “roots girl”. I need to settle and establish and dig in. That’s just me. It created conflict. There’s no way to avoid that when two people with opposite desires have to struggle towards a compromise. And we did manage a compromise.

Big Daddy was able to leverage a little bit of a wave he’d been riding and it got him something he needed. The stress, though, and the insane work load didn’t change and we found ourselves heading back to a place where even a few hours off resulted in Big Daddy having to compensate by working later into the night or working into the weekend.

I can’t talk a lot about Big Daddy’s wandering career eye. It upsets my balance. I get edgy and nervous. I told him that I was on a need to know basis. And then, he had an offer. I was surprised. We hadn’t talked about it until then, but I guess that was the need to know point. Big Daddy accepted it and his new job started Friday.

I’ve been a stay at home mom since 1999 and while I absolutely consider myself a feminist, one thing I am committed to is being as supportive as possible of Big Daddy’s career as he navigates life as the sole breadwinner for our family. That means, in this case, accepting a different work load. Accepting more travel. Accepting a little more distance for things to be better for him and therefore better for all of us.

There are times in your life when you hit “rocking chair” moments. You know, those forks in the road in life when you know that you’ll regret not taking any given fork when your sitting in your rocking chair looking back over your life. This opportunity is a rocking chair moment.

So, finally, after ten years and an extra long four week notice, congratulations, Big Daddy, on this new endeavor. I can’t wait to see what you do.

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