March 14, 2017

I Stayed Deluxe at Disney World So You Don’t Have to

And, you don’t have to. 

Let me tell you something about me. I love upscale travel accommodations. Swanky little boutique hotels. Five star hotels. Vacation rentals on the ocean on a resort island. The good stuff. I can’t always afford it, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it. 

This past weekend, Big Daddy and I completed our fourth stay at a Walt Disney World resort and our first deluxe resort stay and I’m here to dish about whether or not the inflated price tag is worth it. 

Big Daddy and I have stayed at Walt Disney World’s moderate resorts for our last three visit. Their more palatable price tag of around $200/ night makes sense for our family. Since we tend to book nights in the $100-$150 range when we travel with the kids, the price difference is justified based on the grounds, activities and amenities. 

French Quarter has my heart. 

But, like I said, I’m a Deluxe girl. It’s been on my “I don’t have a bucket list”bucket list to stay at a Deluxe Disney monorail resort and since we were taking a short trip without the kids and our other costs were going to be low (airfare and park tickets) it made sense to take the plunge. 

Let me tell you about what went right. As always, Disney service is very good. The room was clean, but looked a little care worn (scuffs/dents in the trim). The details? Disney excels at details. They’re the best at it. 

The room was larger than the moderate rooms by about 100sq ft and we had plenty of space with a couch, desk chair and arm chair available for seating and I think most of that space was in the bathroom which felt much larger than the moderate resorts. We also had access to a balcony, which was very nice. 

 The grounds, of course, are beautiful. This is Disney. They’re masters at it. 

But this room was 2.5 times as expensive as a moderate and I’m here to tell you that the price wasn’t worth it. Why?

Yeah, it’s beautiful. It really is, but Deluxe resorts don’t have the market cornered on beautiful grounds. They’re all thoughtful, well done and tidy. The extra room space was nice, but except for the balcony, it was no better appointed than the moderates and, in fact, we found the bed less comfortable then at French Quarter in November. There’s no uptick in linen or bedding either. Hotels outside of Walt Disney World at similar price points offer down duvets, feather pillows and upscale linens. Not so at the Polynesian. And while Disney has gone to the all white bedding scheme, which I like, that’s the case at all resort levels now. 

I did like that bolster pillow, but one of those bed pillows was a flattened foam pillow. For $500/night. 

 But Jamie, you might say, you’re paying for the convince of being a hip, skip and a jump from the Magic Kingdom. Yes, I could hear magic kingdom fireworks from the resort,  but the transportation was. O better than a moderate. 

First, the Polynesian is three monorail stops away from the Magic Kingdom. That takes 13 minutes if you don’t have to wait in line for people using the monorail to visit the Polynesian for the dining and bar offerings. The evening following Disney After Hours (worth it! I’ll write about that next week) the resort monorail was closed and we were stuck taking the bus. 

You have to take the monorail to the ticket and transportation center and transfer to take the EPCOt monorail which takes 45 minutes if you transfer monorails (and if you don’t have to wait for the monorail) and 39 minutes if you just walk to the ticket and transportation center. That’s longer than it takes to get to EPCOT by bus from Port Orleans French Quarter. 

While I could overlook what I perceived as a lack of quality change between the resort classes for an increase in convienece, that wasn’t the case and I won’t pay for an upgrade to a monorail resort again. 
I want to assure you that there was nothing wrong with the resort. The food options were good. The resort was clean. The service was good. The staff was friendly,  but at prices starting at 2.5 times higher than moderates I expected more bang for my buck and that didn’t happen. 

Big Daddy is relieved. 

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    I’m not a great fan on splashing out cash on accommodation. I would rather pay for moderate accommodation and have more spending money

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      It was totally a bucket list thing. If we’d liked it, I’d have lobbied to stay again, but now I see no need.

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