August 16, 2017

Is This Real Life?

Ive been asking that almost every day since November and, having written down the month, far before that. I was certain Donald Trump wouldn’t get the presidential nomination and then I was certain he couldn’t win and then I stopped being certain of a whole lot of things.

And that’s been my life since November; the slow chipping away of things I thought were true and the slow revelation of things I hoped weren’t true.

Last week, we actually watched the world draw closer to nuclear war for the first time in decades. Last week? There were actual riots pitting white supremacists and nazis against, well..I guess I’m going to call them normal people. My Dad said, “Maybe we do need a politician in the white house”. A woman died, in Virginia, a victim of what can only be labeled a terrorist attack.  Actually, a woman died in Virginia of what should only be labeled as a terrorist attack.

Donald Trump isn’t labeling it a terrorist attack.

I’m writing this on Tuesday evening, right after Donald Trump’s third round of statements where he, once again, reiterated that anti-nazi and anti-white supremacist protesters were one and the same as nazis and white supremacists.  He actually yelled “Fake News” on his way out the door, after plugging his winery on the heels of major, national crisis.

Is this real life?

For a while, I was convinced that loving more was the right thing to do.  I was convinced that being loving and good and kind was enough to counteract the crazy, unhinged, racist, bigoted dirt bags.  I really, naively, thought that I was possible.  Be the good.  Be the helpers.  Hold out a hand.  Teach the lessons to the girls (Love, that’s the whole lesson.  Good people deserve love and kindness.  Their color, culture, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation doesn’t disqualify them).  And, I’m still teaching love, because I’m firmly convinced that this won’t be over into we step aside and let the younger ones who were raised and understand and accept differently, and better, take over.   But, love isn’t enough anymore.  It takes something more than love to fix these rifts.  Love is only a tiny fraction of what needs to happen, and I guess I’ve been dumb about that.


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