September 8, 2017

Best Books of August

August was another fairly prolific reading month seeing me log eleven book towards my 2017 goal of reading 100.  I’m currently sitting at 81 books, so I feel like I’ll probably make my goal this year!  I may opt, once i get to 100 books, only read book as they come in from my holds list instead of actively seeking out books to read.  I have a huge list, but the last quarter of the year is pretty busy for me (for all of us) and I can cross that off of my list.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite reads (I rated 5 stars on Goodreads) of the past month.

  1. The Girl Before by J.P.Delany-If you liked Gone Girl this book would probably REALLY work for you because while the stories aren’t really similar, the quality of them is.  Two women find themsleves in need of a new place to rent.   Emma was the victim of a break in and no longer feels safe in her former apartment and Jane is unsettled after the still birth of her daughter.  No place seems to fit the bill until each woman, at seperate times, finds a listing for One Folgate Street.  It is an architectural masterpiece and cutting edge.  It’s truly a smart house with the occupant not only able to program the house, but the house responding to the life and habits of the occupant.  Both women meet, and have a brief romance, with the house’s enigmatic architect, Edward, who has suffered a tragedy on his own.  Basically, things get really weird and some people die and none of it is what you expect.  I read this is going to be a movie, soon, it it would be worth checking out now.  Really fast paced, interesting story.
  2. American War by Ormar El Akkad-I love dystopian fiction.  A lot.  This one didn’t seem to be reviewed quite as well as I’d expected, but it still gets  five stars from me for being well written and believable to the point of being scary, considering.  Sara Chestnut is from what used to be Louisiana.  The ice caps have melted, the seas have risen and New Orleans doesn’t exist anymore.  Border wars have been raging for years and America is in the midst of its second civil war.  Sara (known as Sarat throughout the book) is one of three children.  She has an older brother and a twin and when her father is killed trying to find them safe passage to the north, her mother decides to move them to a refuge camp in Tennessee where the family spends the next decade.  I don’t want to give away too much because the paths the book takes isn’t always obvious and it’s worth being in the dark during your first read.  Vast portions of this book were quite chilling as El Akkad definitely has some American behavior pegged and it’s not too hard to see how his book could become reality.  Which, maybe you don’t want to read that.  I don’t know.
  3. Far Far Away by Tom McNeal-This book just had everything.  A little bit of fairy tale.  A little bit of romance.  Some unrequited love.  Fairy tale level creepiness with a real world bend.  A ghost of Jakob Grimm.  Seriously.   I was grabbed from the first page (perhaps one of the most riveting I’ve ever read) and I wasn’t disappointed by the story of Jeremy Johnson Johnson, his ghost friend Jakob and a cast of fairy tale perfect characters.  Absolute must read if you’re a fairy tale or fantasy fan.  It’s won or been nominated for several awards and there’s good reason for it.

That’s the best of August.  If you want to see more of what I’ve been reading, you can check out my entire 2017 Reading List at Goodreads.


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