January 15, 2018

Another Fridgid Monday-and the menu plan!

On Thursdays I volunteer in Baby Bee’s classroom. It’s some f my favorite time of the week. I like kids and I like getting to know things about Baby Bee’s world that she isn’t so inclined to share with me. On Thursday, it was 63 degrees and I had to crack the windows in the car because it was that warm.

This is Saturday morning…

The girls had their fourth snow day on Friday in anticipation of the bad weather coming and come it did. It rained down a nice layer of water which froze after the snow covered it up. Thankfully, we were home warm and safe with no real obligations. The Princess, however, has started whining about needing to go to school. Apparently, she’s tired of talking to us?

The Menu Plan

Monday- Sloppy Toms with air fries-11 pts

Tuesday-Instant Pot Lasagna Soup-5 pts   This total will go up because I’ll add salad and garlic bread

Wednesday-Air Fryer Chicken Parm with Aglio Olio-14 pts

ThursdayPortillo’s Chopped Salad-9 pts with bread-

Friday-Dinner out Littlebit’s choice

Saturday-Cajun Chicken and Rice that I didn’t make last week

Sunday- TBD


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