January 3, 2018

January Bullet Journal

Once upon a time I srapbooked. I would spend hours and days mounting my pictures onto paper, “journaling” and then loading them into archival quality scrapbooks. I really liked that process, until I didn’t. I realized I was creating a burden, honestly. By the time the Princess would have reached adulthood (which is coming in a month!) I would have amassed more than fifty large albums. It just wasn’t sustainable.


A couple years ago, I became aware of the bullet journal trend and last New Year’s Eve I sat at my desk and created my first pages. I’ve learned a lot since then about what I like and what I don’t and how to make my layouts work for me.

For starters, bullet journals are supposed to be simple and adaptive. That’s the whole concept.  If you check out the official website BulletJournal.com you’ll find that the simple, minimalist design isn’t what I’m about to share and isn’t what most people who keep a bullet journal do as well.   My bullet journal has become a place not only to keep my life in order, but for me to express myself.  It’s a practical, artsy labor of love.


And, I get to buy pens and paper and notebooks and washi tape and rulers and stencils and that makes me deliriously happy.

I keep a Traveler’s Notebook.  It’s a cover that allows you to slide in your own, small notebooks.  This works great for me because I didn’t like the guessing of a traditional bound journal.  My traveler’s notebook contains three journals;  my planner (which keeps our daily, weekly and monthly schedule), a personal book and an address book.    I could reasonably fit two more notebooks into my cover, but don’t have a need to at this time.

Beyond the organization of our schedule, I love the creating my journal.  I’ve changed my layouts up quite a few times as I continue to narrow down which sorts of layouts work for me.  For instance, my monthly overview is all new as I try to track different things in a more compressed way.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being mindful and purposeful and not always spending all my time with my nose in my phone.  I could, I’m sure, find a useful product for my phone, but I like the process of slowing down and making my pages with my pens and ruler.  It’s soothing.  And purposeful. 


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