January 10, 2018

My Favorite Podcasts!

We bought a new car a year ago.  I felt kind of like a bad ass because we paid cash for it and I”m pretty sure that’s a serious grown up event.  However, my happiness was short lived because every time I drove the car I had a panic attack.  I cannot tell you why, I can only tell you that it happens and that I’m working on it with my therapist.

So, I have this lovely car in my driveway that we own free and clear that’s cute and fun to drive and I hyperventilate every time I think about loading myself into it.

One thing I know about my anxiety is that I have to be distracted.  If I spend to much time trying to think away my anxiety, I just get more anxious so the only real solution is to engage my mind.  Usually, I play games on my phone, but that’s kind of frowned upon when you’re driving.  I needed a solution and did a search about whether or not trivia podcasts exist.

And they DO!

There’s only one game I love more than trivia anything and it’s Plinko (and yes, I watch The Wall because I like trivia, plinko and Chris Hardwick).

Podcasts have really turned into a favorite, even when I’m not dealing with anxiety and I decided to share my favorites with you today.

36 Questions-This is a three part serial musical drama between a husband and wife.  She’s been keeping something from him and in order to win back his heart and forgiveness she sets out to ask him the same 36 questions which caused them to fall in love.  It co-stars Jonathan Groff (aka King George in Hamilton and Kristoff from Frozen).  It’s sweet and tender and a little bit crazy and worth the three hour commitment.

Adam Ruins Everything-Yup, Adam Conover DOES have a TV show on the TruTV channel which is this podcast in a nutshell, but the podcast is where it’s at because Adam ruins some insane and thought provoking stuff.  My favorite recent one was from September and while it was on gambling addiction, I found the idea of process addiction that was discussed to be enlightening.  But, Adam tackles everything from weight loss to global warming and it’s a LOT of education in an hour.

All the Booksa companion to the Book Riot website, this podcast releases weekly with overviews of newly released books.  They also release a weekly midweek podcast featuring their back list of books that haven’t made the original show.  I really like the wide range of featured books and honest reviews .  There is nothing readers love more than the ability to add more books to their to-read list.  I think.

Good Job, Brain-This show has been on Hiatus since April, which is too bad because it’s an awesome show that features trivia, little factoids and “and now you know” moments that makes it really fun.   While they’re not currently producing more episodes, there ARE 196 back episodes for you to enjoy.

International Waters-Hilarious humor/trivia podcast featuring two teams of comedians from two different countries.  Most of the questions are pop culture or current events with points awarded for wrongs answers that are funny.  Definitely R rated, so maybe not the best choice for family road trips, but good for the grown ups.

My Brother, My Brother and Me-As the title implies it’s three brothers and they hand out advice to weird Yahoo answer questions and anonymous queries sent by e-mail.   They’ve also had some pretty cool guests like my FBFF Lin-Manual Miranda and Elizabeth Gilbert.  Another not family friendly production, but great for your commute.

Something Something Birds– A short, music trivia podcast where you’re played clips from 8 songs and then asked to name the artist and title as well as what connects all 8 songs.  (*Note, the format seems to be changing this year to a “one of these things is not like the other” format, but it’s still awesome).   It’s super short, kid friendly and great for music nuts.  Like me.

Trivia Warfare-While i listen to several trivia podcasts, Trivia Warfare is the first I found and my favorite.  Two teams square off in a pub quiz like contest and it really tests your brain.   It’s intense and sometimes I can’t even score myself ten points.  But, it’s still fun AND mostly PG rated so you can enjoy with the whole family.


But wait!  There’s more!  Littlebit and Baby Bee enjoy some podcasts as well!

The Alien Adventures of Finn CaspianFun serial storytelling for kids about an 8 year old boy named Finn Caspian who lives in space on a spacestation.  There are mysteries to solve, cliff hangers to fret over and a few hilarious robots to laugh along with.

Eleanor Amplified-She’s basically Clark Kent without Superman plus a smart phone.  A serial adventure series, Eleanor fights crime and keeps deadlines.   There’s also an underlying, but subtle, message regarding reliable media which is super important in the fake news era.

Story PiratesAwesome Podcast where stories written by children are handed off to professional actors and musicians to come to life.  The stories are funny, kid friendly and usually not scary and they also have interviews with the original authors as well.  Great bed time listening, as well!



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