February 15, 2018

The One Where I Get Another Crazy Idea

On the best days, I’m agnostic.

Big Daddy says humanist is less polarizing, so I’m considering that.

You’d think as an atheist/agnostic I probably wouldn’t pay much notice to Lent, but you’d be wrong. Probably the best thing about not subscribing to a religion is that I get to pick and choose which rituals I find useful.

Christmas? Heck yeah!
Praying? Not so much. I never remembered to pray regularly when I did believe in prayer.
Giving up something for 40-something days? Bring it!
Getting up super early to go to mass? I’ll pass, even though I do kind of miss the ritual of church service and love the Pope.

In years past, I gave up social media for lent.  Or tried to build in 40 days of something positive instead of giving something up.  But, last night as I pondered Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday and Lent and Ash Wednesday and Easter and that entire collection of days I came to a decision.

I’m going all in on Lent this year with the 40 (some odd) days betterment challenge and I made up that whole challenge myself.

For the next 40 (some odd days, starting today and ending on Easter) I will

–Exercise for 30 minutes every day

–Log my food every day no exceptions (even if the outcome is bad)

–Drink at least 48 oz of water

–Check off my daily chore list (it’s pretty simple, but I don’t ever finish it)

–Enforce the “no screen evenings we discussed at the beginning of the year”

–Write for at least 15 minutes a day

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?  But that’s also a part of the anxiety and depression .  The yin and yang of it.  The ebb and flow.  My anxiety makes me feel inadequate and my depression makes me lethargic.  My anxiety gets angry and my lethargy and my depression feels bad about it because it’s true.

Here’s to the 45 day battle.



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