March 26, 2018

And then it snowed–AND the menu plan

We had our millionth and eight snow day last week. This time, it was legit. The snow fell fast and deep and heavy and Big Daddy drove me to therapy and we were both surprised with how bad the roads were.

Big Daddy has given up clearing the driveway, which is fine for him but not so fine for me when the snow falls over the top of my boots.

The trees are budding and the robins are back and I keep checking my front beds to see if my lillies of the valley are popping their heads up yet (they are not). A big deal has been made out of this storm, which I find funny because we always get a big, dumping of snow during spring in the Midwest. It wouldn’t be snow if we didn’t have a few glorious days of teased spring and then a foot of snow. My friends are posting pictures of last weekends easter egg hunts with the eggs scattered on packed down snow like jelly beans.

One thing that I try really hard to do is to not wish the current thing away for the next thing and that includes the seasons. The calendar has just turned over to spring, but I’m not wishing away the end of winter. It can take as long as it takes. I am endeavoring to be more patient.  Right now it’s the time of heavy fluffy snow and potholes and easter baskets.  It can take it’s time.

Monday Sheet Pan Chicken Parm (with green beans) and Parmesan noodles

Tuesday Chicken Enchilada Bubble Up and Salad

Wednesday Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

Thursday Sloppy Toms and Air Fryer Fries

Friday Dinner Out

Saturday  Air fryer chicken nuggets (regular and buffalo)

Sunday Something easter-y.  Maybe eggs.

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