March 5, 2018

Like a Friggin’ Lion–AND the Menu Plan

Happy Monday!


I am happy to report that we did not end up in Oz after it got “really windy for Ohio” at our house.  I know a lot of the Northeast and Midwest are in way worse shape than us.  No snow.  No power loss.  Just a creepy moaning wind noise.  We didn’t even lose a garbage can.

We had a beautiful burst of spring at the end of February, but we are slowly sliding back into the end of winter with every day a little colder than the day before.   That’s okay.  Even though I loved having the house opened up for a few days, I’m okay with a more time being cozy.


The Princess has a little less then 90 days left until graduation. We are chugging towards spring break and then the end of the school year will race up behind.  We are entering the busy season, made even more busy this year with everything that surrounds graduation.

For a lot of years I found the passing of time almost too sad to bear, but somehow I managed to make a change in my thinking and while I don’t LOVE that I’m flying closer to an empty nest, I do really love the kids getting bigger and doing bigger things.

Anyhow, that’s all long winded to say “It’s getting busy.  Need quick dinners”.

The Menu Plan

Monday Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy over Mashed Potatoes with Veggies

Tuesday  Ground Beef Stroganoff and Veggies

Wednesday Kids Eat Free night at Rise Pies! (I get a pizza with Pesto, feta, onions and olives)

Thursday Air Fryer Chicken nuggets, crash hot potatoes and veggies

Friday To Be Determined

Saturday  Pot Roast Sliders and Tater Tots (Family favorite!), raw veggies with greek yogurt dip

Sunday Possibly corned beef because we really like it and eat it a several times surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.


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