July 2, 2018

Happy July, Ya’ll!

When you last heard from me, we were in depths of snow days with April looming ahead. In the past three months, Big Daddy has had an employment change, the Princess graduated high school (I know. Our baby!), Littlebit finished fifth grade with all A’s and Baby Bee managed to hit the honor roll for the last quarter of second grade.

We hosted a gazillion people at our house for a party, did some crazy home improvements and then got to take a deep breath and a break. I’m in the midst of the Princess’s 18th summer and I’m really trying to soak everything up; the girls, the fireflies, the little sparrow who built a nest on the porch, Big Daddy. I feel this deep need to keep pushing the pause button and letting my eyes and ears record them onto my hard drive.


We have a lot fun coming up this summer and the rest of this year. Baby Bee’s school is so amazing and next year she’s getting to see a dedicated psychologist at school as well as a class to help her with some of her “behaviors”. LIttlebit is planning to play trombone in band. The Princess is going to be a sophomore in college.  Families, if you have access to something like the College Credit Plus program, take advantage!  Not only does the Princess have a year of university under her belt at age 18, but she also qualified for scholarship money.  It’s totally worth it AND I think it was a nice introduction to college courses for her.  Win/win.

A handful of years ago, I would feel so mournful over my babies growing up.  I said I could never imagine myself as a mom to big kids.  That was true, and while I still get mournful over the bygone days of littlekidhood, I really like being the mom of big kids.  I get so much sleep these days, you guys.  That’s not to say that these days don’t come without worry and sleepless nights.  They do.  I’m waiting up for the car to pull into the drive.   The problems aren’t as numerous but they’re bigger.  Get yourself some big kids, ladies and gents.   They’re awesome!


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