June 12, 2019

People, let me tell you ’bout my best pen!

Let’s lay it all down. I love stationary. I always have. No kid really looks forward to the end of summer, but when a whole paper grocery bag of brand new school supplies were coming my way, I maybe didn’t mind so much. I remember being 8 and falling in love with a particular perforated notebook they sold at the school store. I fed quarters into the pencil machine and, basically, huffed them. I remain true to this love, sold and steadfast. Do they still have pencil machines? I’d do anything for a quarter to feed into that thing.

Sticker books? I had them. Journals locked tightish that you’d have to bust open after you lost the tiny brass key? I had them. Trapper Keepers? Oh yes, I had those too. I still love all those things. I’d give up part of my liver to bury my face in a new Trapper Keeper and I don’t feel bad about that at all. I collect moleskin notebooks. I collect tiny notebooks. I’ll buy anything with a pretty cover that has paper in it.

Do I bullet journal? Duh. Yes! I love my bullet journal. And I like it. It marries so many of the things that I like, stationary, lists, journals, planning. And, it’s encouraged me to use great pens that I love. If you love pens and stationary, like I do, you may be on the hunt for your new, favorite black pens. Here are mine!

As always, I have received no compensation for these recommendations, even though I do like free pens. I don’t do affiliate links, either.

The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner is the workhorse of my pen collection. It’s also the least expensive pen in this grouping. They write great. The price, above, seems to be inaccurate as they seem to be coming in at a little over a dollar per pen. They last a long time, but be sure to cap them, and dry quickly so you don’t do too much smudging. These pens are probably the most likely to smudge among the three, but you can’t beat the price for how smooth they write.

You can count on Sharpies and I was surprised to receive this pen in a monthly subscription box I subscribe you that sends you pens and paper and if that surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention! I know that Sharpie did make more thin lined pen type markers, but I didn’t know about this one. It writes very smooth. I just recieved it, so I can’t comment as to how long it will last or what happens if you leave it uncapped, so cap it to be safe. These are more expensive than the Staedtler at 3.50 a pen (or just about 2.00/pen if you buy in “bulk” and get 12 and why not get 12?). They dry quickly and don’t smudge AND they don’t bleed through your paper. I can’t comment as to whether or not they will “ghost” for you, because that depends on your paper. I upgraded to a better paper/journal process and I don’t have ghosting issues anymore.

I’m about to get a little weird, for a second. This is the Kuretake Zip Letterpen. It’s Japanese and it is a god damn dream pen. I also received this pen in my aforementioned subscription box and before I went to bed that night, I’d ordered refills. This pen is the most expensive at 3.87 for the body and 2.80 for each refill, but it’s more pricey because it’s worth it. The pen body comes in a handful of colors and there are about a dozen refill colors at this time which I did not know until researching to write this and I’m probably ordering more pens once I hit publish.

Sorry, Big Daddy, but at least they’re small.

Anyhow, this pen writes like a dream. Seriously. It says it’s fine tip, but it has a nice, thick line to it. It dries quickly and doesn’t smudge and doesn’t bleed through the paper. The refills screw into the pen and you just unscrew it to replace it. You have to keep this pen capped because I didn’t and it dried out and I felt sad, but it was okay because I had already had refills. The body is chunky and light and the only thing I’d change about it is that I’d have a different color body because it also comes in my favorite color.

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