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October 4, 2016

On Tracking

This showed up on my Weight Watchers app on Sunday. It’s congratulating me on two weeks of tracking. Every thing that has gone into my mouth in two weeks has been logged into the app. I’ve weighed empty skillets and then weighed them full of fun to determine the weight of my portion. I’ve counted […]

September 27, 2016

Bottoms Up

A few times a week, I hit up Starbucks. I don’t go often, like I did when I lived someplace that had a Starbucks ten minutes from my house, but if I’m in the area where there is on, I’ll usually grab a drink on my errands. Typically, I drink non-fat iced caramel macchiatos. At […]

January 20, 2014

Weight Watchers–but, no menu plan?

Last Friday, Baby Bee and I picked up Auntie Awesome and drove to Weight Watchers to, what will be, our usual Friday morning. A weigh-in, a meeting and maybe a little shopping. Auntie Awesome is my kindred spirit when it comes to weight issues. She understands me without me having to say very much. Auntie […]

October 1, 2013

Workout of the Month-October

Starting this month, I’m showcasing a new feature where, to motivate myself and possibly inspire you, I’m going to posting my planned exercise. I acknowledge that, right now, I’m a beginner and if you’re more fit than me, you’re probably well beyond where I’m at. Exercise is really hard for me. I just don’t like […]

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