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February 5, 2018


Stars shining bright above you- Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”- Birds singing in the sycamore tree Dream a little Dream of me Eighteen years ago on a cold Chicago morning, just after midnight, the Princess was born. We gave her one name that was all her own and one she shared with […]

August 7, 2017

The Subtle Art of Letting Go

The Princess has already begun the countdown.  The calendar has come from the school and the date of commencement is written there, so I guess it’s happening.  In a little more than two weeks, the Princess will pose out front for the very last first day picture, our fifteenth.   She starts taking college courses concurrently, […]

June 21, 2017


How’s your summer so far? Yes, I know it isn’t actually summer yet, but my kids have been off school for a little over two weeks, so that makes it summer in my book. I love summer. I know it can be a tough time for some parents, but I like the long days of […]

May 1, 2017

Labors of Love

It started with a red ball gown in a prom store in February.  We loved it.  She loved it.  I was willing to overlook the price tag, but the style was discontinued and they didn’t have her size in stock.  I was heartened, a simple ballgown would be easy to find.  As we loaded in […]

October 20, 2016

The Sweet Spot

The changing landscape of my family has been hard on me. I am the sort of person who roots herself into home and routine and the usualness of life. For fourteen years, I was the stay at home and my primary task was caring for our little children. It was a role I relished, loved […]

September 6, 2016

Mom’s Guide to Surviving a Con

And not the kind where someone talks you out of money. The first weekend of July, the Princess and I took off for Pittsburgh and spent the weekend doing this. I spent 36 hours sitting in a folding chair with thousands of the Princess’s closest friends. Yes, ladies and gents, we went to a Convention […]

February 9, 2016

She’s Sixteen Just for a Moment

Last week it happened. On Friday. Quietly. Just like she was born, actually. I was having trouble sleeping and when I looked down, it was 1:11 in the morning making it sixteen years exactly since the first time she settled into my arms and watched me. The nurses wanted her to cry more, but she […]

November 3, 2015


This is the view.  Friday night. We have reserved seats.  We play “Find the Princess”.  Big Daddy always loses. We sit in the stands in the rain and in the cold.  We wait for half time. We critique the other bands.  Ours is always better. “They might be good at football, but their band is […]

August 25, 2014

Back to School and Back to Reality

Three months have flown by so quickly.  The summer, by our definition, is over.  This morning, we saw the Princess out the door to start her ninth grade year…   …and Littlebit second grade. Baby Bee and I will have one more week along before she starts her third year of preschool.  We opted to […]

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