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June 1, 2015

My Favorite Breakfast

Several years ago, Big Daddy, the girls and I spent some time in the North Woods of Wisconsin with Big Daddy’s Dad and Stepmom. They’re both good cooks and we had lots of really good food they prepared themselves at the cabin. One dish, however, my Stepmom-in-law prepared for breakfast and it has become a […]

May 11, 2015

Menu Plan Hiatus-Ranch Pasta Salad

I think I’m done writing menu plan posts for a while. I know they’re pretty popular, but they’re also exhausting and I’m not finding them that fun to write at this point. I might return to them one day, but I’m going to take a break from them, for now. What I do want to […]

December 3, 2014

December Daily-The Third

Baby Bee needed to sleep in today.  After many years of struggle and taking some good advice from my therapist, we have finally gotten to the point where Baby Bee can put herself to sleep and then sleep peacefully through the night. Yes, Baby Bee IS five and a half years old. Thank you for […]

December 2, 2014

December Daily-The Second

It’s dreary, today. My weather alert when off in the early morning hours to tell me about winter weather warning (or something like that) and it’s been gray and damp. The kind of gray where the lamps in the living room barely make a dent. Everyone seems a bit slow today. The girls went back […]

December 1, 2014

December Daily-The First

Do you scrapbook? I used to and then it suddenly felt equal parts too big and too small and I stopped. It’s kind of complicated, but in the end I realized that saddling and creating 18 annual albums for each of my children PLUS one for my family was just beyond what I could do […]

November 10, 2014

Times Change

A little more than four years ago, Big Daddy and I departed on a new adventure.    We moved five hundred miles away from our little white house in Illinois and moved to small town Ohio.  Big Daddy set up an office off of the living room and began to telecommute full time.  The telecommuting years […]

November 3, 2014


October kind of went out like a wet sneeze and a shudder.  We had great weather for Trick or Treat on the 30th.  It was cool and dry, just the right kind of weather for tromping up and down the streets for candy. However, the bounty of good weather ended Friday night as Big Daddy […]

November 1, 2014

Amish Cinnamon Bread

The days are getting cooler and Halloween is done.  Sometimes the season feels a little bit in limbo, to me.  The leaves are off the trees and Christmas is beckoning me, but it’s too early to give myself all the way over the Christmas, yet.  The autumn decor has been up for a month, at […]

October 25, 2014

Skillet Apple Pie

Last month the call came down.  Honeycrisp apples were in at the orchard and I tossed Baby Bee into the car and we went as fast as we could go to make sure we got some.  Our local orchard sells out and I need to make sure we get our fill.  We’ve just finished our […]

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