Forty Before Forty


    1. Hit my goal weight
    2. Run a 5K
    3. Run a half marathon
    4. Visit 6 more states (to bring my life total up to 25)
      1. New Jersey-August 2014
      2. Nevada-June 2015
      3. California-June 2015
      4. Louisiana-June 2016
      5. Alabama-June 2016
      6. Mississippi-June 2016
      7. Connecticut- June 2016
    5. Volunteer 100 hours
    6. Read every book on my shelves (but I can skip those I’ve already read)
    7. Knit through all my yarn
    8. Sell something I made
    9. Write a first draft
    10. Stay at the Drake in Chicago Stayed at a swanky hotel in Chicago-June 2016
    11. Stay at the Renaissance in Pittsburgh
    12. Drink 64 oz of water every day
    13. Learn to sleep with the TV off
    14. Give up the phone/laptop for six weeks
    15. Give up meat for six weeks
    16. Give up carbs for six weeks (grain and sugar, not fruit and veggies)
    17. Visit all 5 Great Lakes with the girls
    18. Visit, and camp in, 5 National Parks
    19. Learn and play 5 songs on the guitar
    20. Learn to paint a room correctly and then do it
    21. Learn how to use power tools and then build something all on my own
    22. Walk the Ravenel Bridge
    23. Stay a night on the Battery
    24. Spend a vacation Ocean Front
    25. Get a tattoo-July 2016
    26. Dye my hair something other than blonde
    27. Donate blood
    28. eliminate all unsecured debt
    29. Plant spring bulbs
    30. grow an amazing garden
    31. have a porch swing on my porch
    32. Submit a picture to a photography contest and win
    33. Suprise #1
    34. Surprise #2
    35. Surprise #3
    36. Finish watching Lost
    37. Watch the top 10 movies on AFI’s 100 Movies list
    38. Spend a whole day paying it forward
    39. finish my degree
    40. Print out photos or put into books so they can be looked at and enjoyed.
      [2013 complete]

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  2. Carolyn says:

    I’m 42 and haven’t done half the things I hoped to achieve in life. I have done many and in a few weeks i will be going sky diving..Another to cross off my list!

    1. Jamie says:

      I am certainly not brave enough to sky dive. I hope you have fun!

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